Germán Muñoz

About me

I was born in Alicante, Spain, in 1995, but moved to Mallorca soon after, where I have been enjoying the places, the weather and the people since the year 2000. After finishing highschool, I completed a vocational training in web development where I got initiated in all kind of technologies and tools.

Ever since my first work, my appetite for learning new skills and new fields where I could apply them has grown, helping me find motivation to work designing games and apps I could use to my day-to-day activities.

My career

As the only developer for 2 years at Amara Marketing I was in charge of building and maintaining websites to lead new customers to our clients' products. Working side by side with a designer and the marketing team, we would create from the ground a space for our clients to grow their brand.

Although my time in Bidari was shortened due to COVID, I appreciated the change to a new business model and product.

The change from my previous works to APSL was heavy. After being the only developer assigned to various projects, I jumped to sharing biggest workload among a dozen other developers. Excited because I had to learn it from the beginning, at APSL I have been working on Django projects, adapting them to each frontend stack we have been using.